Expo started over 35 years ago as a sole proprietorship and has grown into a flourishing SME with 20 employees. Our dynamic family business in Londerzeel has been your independent Mercedes dealer for many years. Customer satisfaction, quality and flexibility are values that keep our business standards high.


We specialize in selling Mercedes “Jahreswagen”, these are nearly new used cars that have been owned and run by Mercedes-Benz employees. Because we have a close relationship with Mercedes Germany, we can deliver all cars at an unbeatable price. In addition, the cars have a known history, they are thoroughly checked and sold with both a manufacturer's guarantee and Expo’s guarantee.

       Wide range

Our modern 5000m2 showroom was completely renovated in 2011 and now houses over 150 cars. At Expo you will find the widest range of Mercedes which you can discover in a unique and tranquil environment. You can always test drive your dream car if you wish.

In addition to our showroom models, we offer you a database of more than 5,000 cars that can be delivered to order. Together, we will always find the car you are looking for!

       Customer friendly

In the showroom, a team of friendly sales people are available to answer your questions and guide you with your purchase. They can inform you of the latest developments, options and possibilities for each car. At Expo, we aim to give excellent purchase guidance and after-sales service as well as a meticulous workshop where you, the customer, comes first. 

We hope you will enjoy discovering the largest range of Mercedes “Jahreswagen” in our showroom!