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  • Origin from Mercedes-Benz Germany
  • Guaranteed mileage + known history
  • Up to 50 % cheaper than new
  • With warranty
  • Out of stock or ordered according to your wishes

"Jahreswagen" are cars that Mercedes Benz Germany sells to its members of staff.  After a running-in period the cars are presented to the central Mercedes sales outlet for Jahreswagen. 

After a thorough inspection of engine, bodywork and interior these cars are distributed among the affiliated dealers in Europe such as EXPO.

A "Jahreswagen" has a known history and a guaranteed mileage !

Thanks to our direct cooperation we can bridge quite a few steps in the distribution process.  This way, you have an enormous choice of models and are sure of paying the best price !
In short, EXPO can deliver any Mercedes car as "Jahreswagen", out of stock or on order with delivery within a fortnight.  You can select the colour, equipment and type of engine yourself.

"Jahreswagen" mostly have less than 15.000 miles. The prices are up to 50 % cheaper than the price for new cars !

Did you know that a new car looses most value during its first service year ?  This is shown by the following diagram :


Buy at EXPO and spare yourself the biggest loss !  Only the purchasing price gives away it's not a new one !


We guarantee the quality of our cars by giving a minimum warranty of 1 year.  Also in after-sales service EXPO is your best and cheapest partner.  Read more about this in the "Garage" item on our Hompage.