EXPO NV | Weversstraat 7 - 1840 Londerzeel - België
Tel. +32 (0)52/30.47.11 - Fax +32 (0)52/30.48.36 | info@expo.be - http://www.expo.be

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EXPO – Your Independent Mercedes Garage.

  • EXPO has a fully equipped service station with all modern technical and diagnostic equipment.
  • After a warm welcome you can have every maintenance or repair job carried out by EXPO.
  • A lorge team of experienced and specialised technicians will take the best care of your car.
  • We vouch for high quality service at very competitive rates.
  • Short waits are standard practice and if needed you can use a replacement car at democratic prices.
  • A personal and professional approach is central.
  • The EXPO Bodyworks division is recognised by all insurance companies.
  • The quotation for repair works is drawn up using the well-known Informex system.
  • Every bodywork damage is repaired and finished with ultimate precision and at the highest quality.
  • You get a free replacement car for the duration of the bodywork repair works.
  • Compare our approach and rates with other dealers and you'll be convinced!
  • Every Mercedes is welcome at EXPO for service and repair works !